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Desktops Wallpapers for December2015

Desktops/WallpapersPosted by DesignByNettis Tue, December 01, 2015 06:51:08

DESKTOPS WALLPAPERS for December 2015♥1stOfDecember2015♥

HAPPY DECEMBER everyone... The Magical Month of Christmas is here and I Know that I need new #desktops #wallpapers for #december2015 ... How about You? I have already shared these desktops along with my Renders here ... But Maybe You have missed them so here they are again for You.

They are all in the size of 1920*1080 pix.

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Desktops Wallpapers November2015

Desktops/WallpapersPosted by DesignByNettis Mon, November 02, 2015 06:55:19
♥ Desktops Wallpapers For November2015♥2ndOfNovember2015♥

Happy Monday and HAPPY New Month.... Yepp #november is here and Winter of 2015 is on its way for real! Even though I am a SummerGirl I rather get Snow than these grey and rainy days of autumn...

For You Who maybe have missed my #desktops #wallpapers for #november2015 attached to a Few of my Render-sets... here they are again for You all!

They are all in the size of 1920*1080 pix


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Desktops/WallpapersPosted by DesignByNettis Thu, October 01, 2015 07:34:46
♥DESKTOPS WALLPAPERS for October2015♥1StOfOctober2015♥

HAPPY OCTOBER everyone... Yepp the #autumnmonth #october2015 is here! And I know that I need NEW #desktops #wallpapers for October, so here I have created 9 Desktops/Wallpapers for YOU all... they have also been included in a few in my renders that You can find HERE!

For YOU all that have missed them in those sets, here the Desktops/Wallpapers are AGAIN!

They are all in the size of 1920*1080 pixles...


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DESKTOPS Wallpapers for September 2015

Desktops/WallpapersPosted by DesignByNettis Tue, September 01, 2015 06:51:27
♥DESKTOPS WALLPAPERS for September 2015♥

Good morning everyone... A grey one, but I will fill this day with sunshine with a little help from
Here are my already shared #desktops #wallpapers for #september2015 ! I have shared them along with my Renders and Clusters HERE but for YOU all who missed them I have uploaded them here today, the first day in september♥
They are all in the size of 1920*1080 pix....

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