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Animated ALPHA Parla 20 days

AlphasPosted by DesignByNettis Wed, August 03, 2016 06:56:51
Animated ALPHA Parla 20 days

Say HELLO to my New Upcoming Familymember Pärla (Pearl)... she is a #browntabby #persiankitten and she have just turned 3 weeks young! She will come to our family in october, so the wait is TOOOO LOOOONG! To Celebrate our New #fuffy Familymember Pärla I have created an #animated #alpha -set of a picture taken when she was only 20 days young. The set includes #numbers aswell and the letters å,ä and ö for us who need them!
Its a #freebie from Me to YOU! The file is BIG in size !!!!!!

thank you for your kind donation to my design
To DOWNLOAD Alpha-set with my #kitten Pärla from WETRANSFER
click HERE

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